In the end, it was Rimmel #260!

I lost a few nights sleep,tossing and turning, with the question of whether to stay or to go, looming in the back of my mind. In the end, the Peace Corps doctor and I  decide the best decision was to end my Peace Corps service a little early.   The ongoing stomach problems were a... Continue Reading →



There has been a lot of climate change here in Madagascar the last few months. The political climate is heating up. The president, Hery Rajaonarimampianina, I cannot figure out if that is actually a name or a story, will not set a date for elections. Furthermore, he is trying to pass legislation so he can... Continue Reading →


All of the sudden one of the young teens sitting in my house playing Kings in the Corner, looks outside and realizes it is dark. They are supposed to be home by dark, but our card playing was so much fun we all forgot about the time.   I learned this card game 10 years... Continue Reading →


There is an odd smell in my village lately. As I take my evening stroll about town, I note that people are pouring a thick, brown, paste on the dirt ground outside their homes and smearing it with a broom. I stop to observe and ask “Inona Ity?” (what is that?) “Tay Omby” they say,... Continue Reading →


Big mistake, going to my banking town for Easter. My plans were to stay at site but, everyone left to visit family. Even the nuns left for the mother house in another town. I was unaware that my banking town is THE place to be for Easter break, which starts the week before Easter. The... Continue Reading →

BOOKS- My First Love!!

I am an avid reader, 225 books to date while joining Peace Corp! As a young girl I would ride my bike to the Burkhart Library once a week and check out the limit of books you could take home. When I arrived in my village of Manandona over a year ago, and discovered no... Continue Reading →

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